Friday, 6 April 2012

In honour of Baby Monk.

Right now, I have three unfinished blog posts languishing in my Drafts folder. It's not that I ran out of ideas, or that I don't like what I've written - each post is a speshul, yoonique snoflaek - it's just that Things Keep Happening. Things like weddings, or getting mired under with everyday shit like looking after a toddler and keeping the house together ('domesticated' is not my middle name). Things that suddenly render the stuff I'm writing irrelevant for a while, whether it's for a couple of days, or even a few weeks, because there are New Things to write about that need posting NOW.

I'm sure those posts will turn up here eventually; I hope so, as I enjoyed writing them, and it would be an horrific waste of the couple of hours my son spends sleeping every day - the only time I get to update this thing. I could've been drinking wine in that time. Or rocking back and forth in the corner.

This week, one of those Things That Happened to push my last post to the back of the queue was a birthday. On April 5th 2011, at 6:40 in the morning, after a 26 hour labour and much language, I got to meet this little chap.

My life.

My world.

My heart and soul.

My everything.

My baby.

My son.

Gabriel. My newly-minted one-year-old. My King Tiny Man, my monklet, my King Slink, my pride and joy. I've loved him for a year now. He is the greatest gift and the biggest pain in the ass I've ever had. He causes pains in my heart that I never knew could happen. He changed my entire life with his very first cry, he shifted my whole world on its axis. He changes every single day, clambering ever quicker up onto those tiny feet; feet that will soon enough be moving towards school, to friends' houses, to parties, and to the whole life he has ahead of him.

Until then, he is my baby. And he always will be.

We love you, Monkles. Let mama hold you just a little longer.

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  1. A yr already that's gone way 2 fast. That means ds almost 2 omg Xx